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Amatuer (1999) Box Magazine Future Prospects

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    Amatuer (1999) Box Magazine Future Prospects

    A lesser known rolling classic that deserves it's due, was one of my favorites. Box Magazine and Future Prospects, Joe Navran. Finally found it online after searching for months. Props to uploader.

    "This video set it off, for me at least. Right from the very beginning you know these guys mean business. Directed by Joe Navran during the pre mindgame era, when skaters like Dustin Latimer, Josh Petty, Louie Zamora, Brian Shima (doing negative mistrials long before FARMER), Walt Austin, Vinny Minton,Billy Prislin, Aaron Fienberg, Wilfred Rossingnol, Dominic Sagona, Shayne Skower, Robert 'Fade Hurricane' Lievanos and Matt Andrews are on board, you know your in for a ride. Enjoy this pre millenia vid, and RESPECT your history, otherwise were doomed to repeat it. I for one, am not going back to huge barrelled jeans, helmets and pads. F.P. future prospects for all the gromms out there."

    06.37 of the first vid, Feniberg does fakie 450 sav.

    Got to be one of the earliest instances of that trick.