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Saltless Water (1998)

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    Saltless Water (1998)

    A video produced by Sam Pietsch, edited by JB Snyder & Sam Pietsch released in 1998

    Saltless Water Features Pro skaters such as Aaron Feinberg, John Star, Dustin Latimer, Louie Zamora, John Glynn, Erik Burke, and Jon Julio.
    Along with new Pro's and top Am's such as Mike Radebaugh, Bryant Rutledge, Brian Shima, Mike Choley, Shayne Skower, Danny Gill, and Pat Lennon

    god, i wanted to see that video for years. not bad.


      arghh so many good og skaters. i remember watching this when i was 10 and being so hyped on the chicago section. wait. why do i suck at rollerblading still?

      lol @ chris farmer's acid drop. i wonder if anyone knew where he'd progress to.