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CHAOS (2001) a Dailybread video

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    CHAOS (2001) a Dailybread video

    A film by Matteo Attanasio & Bruno Löwe for Dailybread Magazine released in 2001
    With : Ian Frenette, Bruno Löwe, Clifford Viljoen, Wilfried Rossignol, Marc Dubied, Randolph Stadeltofer, Tom Ahlqvist, Rene Hulgreen, Lukas Burgunder,Kevin Gillian, Josh Clark, Ian Brown, Mike Bonassi, Jeremy Jimenez, Kevin Quintin, B.J Bernhardt, Blake Dennis, Holger Thalmann, Sandro Brun, Reto Burgin, Jona Messerli, Nicolas Bellini, Benni Huber, Sam Fogerty, Jaren Grob, Mark Stamer, Konni Harmanus, Ivo Schäppi, Fridolin Elbo, Jose Felix, Eric Shrijn, Siddi Hussmann, Sven Schillings, Tory Treseder, Dominik Sagona, Jochen Smuda, and Tinu Kunz (RIP)

    thanks a lot! been wanting to see it again for years!