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FOR SALE: Salomon ST-8s -- size 12.5 US, beige, in good shape

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    FOR SALE: Salomon ST-8s -- size 12.5 US, beige, in good shape

    I've got some used Salomon ST-8s for sale. They are the beige ones (as you'd gather from the pics), size 12.5 US/ 12 UK or AUS. They are in pretty good condition overall, and appear to only have seen light use in most respects. Check the pictures below; I can share higher res or requested pictures if needed.


    There is some normal wear and scuffing on the boots and frames, some dirt which would wash off if you wanted it gone. Each skate lace is missing an aglet and thus started to fray a bit, but the liners, frames, buckles, etc are doing great. The wheels show the most use, along with the grind plates.

    I didn't mess with them at all, so it's all the original stuff and the skates are left in the state last used by the former owner, in terms of set-up and signs of wear. I've got my old ST-90s still so I don't need these but knew someone else out in the world would really enjoy them. Comfy, functional, and a ton of life left in em.

    I ship from the San Francisco Bay Area, California (US, dudes). Bay Area meetups are not out of the question, cuz fuck shipping costs--I'm in the East Bay. I'm taking offers right now because I'd rather try to sell them to someone in the community before putting them up on a place like eBay. Secure payment forms negotiable, but I do have a PayPal set up already.

    Offers with or without shipping included are fine, as my concern is net cost. I doubt overseas buyers would be interested, but if you're desperate then I can look into post forwarding services. I can eat the PayPal fees, as I've not traded here before and thus have no one to vouch or whatever. Shoot me a PM, or ask questions in here if you want. Thanks.






    Hella pictures because I take buying random shit online seriously. These are nice and I would skate them if I didn't have my ST-90s (once my central nervous system becomes coherent again, anyway).