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FS Evo 09 size 12 Razor icon 2s size 11

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    FS Evo 09 size 12 Razor icon 2s size 11

    Ok I just wanted to get the word out I have some skates I wanna pass only because I have a dedication to the new carbons and I don’t feel like skating anything else but I know some of you guys like these and I can really use the money!!!

    I live in USA California! San Diego ~~~

    I have these listed on eBay and wanted to link but my computer browser isn’t working on be mag for some reason...

    razor icon 2 minor scuffs clean souls trust liners size 11. Limited catalysts... if your into that kind of thing.

    USD Evo size 12 09 Sifika liners souls and shell are mint 11-13 shell and of course the 12 liners which have no real bad rips accept for the liner cord on one boot unfortunately snapped when trying to put on...

    Anyway if you’re interested but live eu or whatever just hit me up either way but I may just request shipping cost be covered by you!

    Live the legend! Ride the legacy blades for your self... lol 💁🏼*♂️😉

    both of these are sold! thanks!