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Cozmo , Salomon , Medium wheels , Kizer Element , Powerblade , FSK

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    Cozmo , Salomon , Medium wheels , Kizer Element , Powerblade , FSK

    Lots of cool stuff for sale! Various sizes from 6.5 all the way to 13 ! Rare wheels and frames, Salomon boots, FSK boots and frames, other Powerblade frames, bearings, I'll hook you up!


    [EDIT] 56mm sold - 58mm still available (be quick!)
    Yeah that's right, BRAND NEW Cozmo wheels, 4 56mm and 4 58mm, if you want to skate them flat you can either skate them normally (the wear will even-out the size), or skate them with Fiziks. Or you can rocker the wheel positions with the Ground Control 2nd Gen frames I'm also selling...

    Slightly used ( middle line still visible) Champion Bones wheels.

    [SOLD] Brand new boxed Champs and one set of John Starr left

    [SOLD] -Salomon ST80 boots size 9, they are dirty but otherwise in good condition, they haven't been grinded

    -Salomon ST80 skates size 11.5-12, dirty but otherwise in good condition, only a few grinds were done in them

    -RB Solo boots size 11, great condition, great quality boots, closest thing to Salomon in terms of feel and quality. Only used for rolling around (not used for aggro skating), 40$

    [SOLD] -Salomon FSK size 9 skates, UFS (you can put the frames on any aggro boot), I can sell them either complete or in parts
    Besides the wheels, the skates are in very good condition. The frames don't have scratches.

    Price: 80$ complete skates
    OR 60$ boots / 60$ frames+wheels+bearings

    -Salomon FSK Crossmax 3VSL extremely rare prototype boots, UFS featuring a metal ankle buckle as well as a toe strap for extra fit and support. The bottom is flat, so you can mod some soul-plates on these bad boys.

    Price: 65$

    -Salomon FSK boots size 12, like new, UFS, most comfy blades EVAR !!!

    Size 11.5, shell also accepts 12
    60$ (that's the price I would pay just for the liners, soooo fucking comfy!)

    -Salomon EA freeskate / Powerblade frames, new, UFS, does come with all hardware (not pictured). Up to 4x80mm setup. Very solid and responsive frames.

    -Edit: SOLD Ground Control Second Gen frames, BRAND NEW (!) , in sexy red colour
    They come with all hardware, and each wheel can be positioned in 4 different ways. When all wheels are rockered up, it makes skating flat much easier. Very rare frames to find in this colour, and mostly in this condition, nowadays!

    [SOLD] -Kizer Element frames size small, they have reversible h-blocks, on side is worn, the other hasn't been used. They come with all hardware, I just wanted to show the two sides of the h-blocks. These frames are very fast and are ideal for a powerblading anti-rocker setup.

    -Salomon brand new 3rd generation frames size medium (255mm). Don't get mistaken, just because they aren't Kizers or GCs doesn't mean they aren't good, quite the opposite : they are durable and slide great, the material is very similar if not identical to the one used in Kizer Fluid 3rd generation frames. They come with the replaceable Teflon sliders on the side that make soul grinds faster (some people make their own sliders from UHMW for ledges). I have 2 pairs of these frames, selling them 35$ for one pair, 55$ for two pairs

    -Third World old-school antis, great for collectors!

    -Senate Jeff Frederick 50mm wheels, some are more used than others but the surface is smooth. Very useful for those who want to transition to flat.

    Selling part of my wardrobe:

    Levi 510 34x34 Good condition 15$
    Price drop to 10$

    Levi 510 32x34 , BRAND NEW , pics don't do them justice because they are DOPE! 20$
    I also have another identical pair, size 34x34, worn ONCE

    Levi 510 Jet Black, 34x34 , BRAND NEW 25$

    H&M white dress pants, size 34 , cotton/linen blend, very comfortable and looks sharp! 15$
    Price drop to 10$

    Divided shirt size medium, BRAND NEW 12$
    Price drop to 5$! It's a steal!

    The Hundreds shirt size medium, the colour is somewhat faded, especially at the collar, but is in otherwise decent condition (no rips) 12$

    KR3W hoodie size medium, you can zip the hood completely up for the lulz, extra stealth or to look like Kenny. Best offer

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    If there is no price, just send me an offer through pm. Don't be shy!



      visiblement ta boite de messages privé est encore pleine!! je ne peux plus te répondre! à toi donc de me contacter en pm pour les photos et prix^^
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        Is that black and white tshirt still for sale? I like that. I've heard those liners are real comfy too. If only I was a size 11.5.
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          Kizer Elephants (Elements) $40?

          Aye bro how much for the Kizer Elephants (elements just playing) but for real $40? Okay that's a good price how do you wanna do this I'll buy them right now.

          Can you text me:

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            How about them champagne bones wheels $50 and then Kaiser Permenentes Elementes for $50 for a grand total of $100 for both?

            Can you text me:



              Originally posted by salomonskater View Post
              Lots of cool stuff like phentermine otc for sale! Various sizes from 6.5 all the way to 13 ! Rare wheels and frames, Salomon boots, FSK boots and , frames, other Powerblade frames, bearings, I'll hook you up!
              Would have love to buy the Jeans, but the offer is quite old. Please let me know if there are any current offres on Jeans.
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