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[How-To-Mod] Razors SL souls onto Genesys boots.

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    [How-To-Mod] Razors SL souls onto Genesys boots.

    This is a general "how-to".

    This mod is very difficult and the first time I did this it took me 8 hours(I only had a razor blade and a drill).

    Purpose/reason for this mod
    Genesys souls are out dated.
    The wrap around wears through quickly.
    There is no boot protection or potential of making a groove on the negative side.
    It costs $55 to replace souls and BS plates on Genesys.
    It cost $40 to replace sliders and BS plates on SLs.(thought the baseplates are an additional $40 so start up is more expensive)
    Your will have a closer grind to any ledge or rail giving you more control.
    The backslide plate is centered on SLs unlike on Genesys.

    Tools that are required:
    Utility knife or razor blade where the blade does NOT retract.
    Power drill.
    1/4" drill bit.
    Dremil or bench grinder(both would be helpful).

    US 6-7 Genesys shell = size 1 baseplates and sliders
    US 8-9 Genesys shell = size 2 baseplates and sliders.
    US 10+ Never done them but I imagine the pattern continues.
    BS plates are a universal size.

    Preparing the Genesys boot
    Alright. You are essentially going to be making the bottom of the Genesys shell into the shape of the bottom of the SL shell.

    The first thing you are going to want to do is remove the frame bolt receptors.
    You can drill the rivets out or put a long screw into the receptor and pry them off.
    Line your baseplate up with the frame bolt holes.
    Bolt them to the boot with long screws if you have any long enough.
    If not, just make sure they're centered.
    Trace with a pencil along the bottom of the Gen boot where your going to grind away material.
    Now, take your boot to a bench grinder.
    You could also use a razor blade which I did the first time but it took forever and I had plenty of blisters on my hands afterwards!
    Try to be aware of the thickness of the shells.
    You can tell where they end by looking at the holes for the t-nuts inside and out to get a good idea.
    Realistically you want to remove as much material as possible from the sides.
    You then want to round the edges of the bottom of the boot.
    Keep checking to boot to see if it will fit into the soul plate a little bit.
    You may notice that the heel and toe are tight and my not fit in.
    Don't worry about this yet and don't shave them thinner.
    Just worry about the width for now.
    They may still not fit.
    But if you feel like the sides are getting to the thinness you want them to be then STOP right there!
    If not then you can always come back and grind more material away later.
    You should have something that looks like this:

    Next step is to cut the frame channel out of the bottom of the boot.
    You will need to bevel the edges on the inside to match the baseplate.
    Take a good look at your baseplate.
    you will notice in the front and back of the frame channel it is still raised up.
    You need to cut a notch in the heel and toe of the boot slightly wider than the frame channel.
    You need to cut that square out by the BS plate as this spot is thicker on the baseplates.
    Later on you're just going to screw the backslide plates right to the baseplate rather than to to boot too.
    Also any material on the bottom needs to be shaved flat.
    Here, let me just show you where you should be by now:

    Loosely fit your baseplates and sliders onto the boot.
    By now, with the frame channel cut out you should be able to squeeze the boot to fit in.
    You will also be able to see much better if you can shave more material off the sides to get a tighter fit against the souls.
    With the souls loosely on, mark where you will need to cut slots for the soul tabs.
    Also measure the height of them inside the souls and baseplates and transfer this measurement to the boot.
    You have to be very accurate with this part.
    So measure and check about 5 times to be sure!

    You may also notice that on the inside of the baseplate there is a mount on the inside of the fastslide plate.
    You will need to grind out a little material at the bottom of the boot to fit around this.
    You will likely end up with a small hole here but thats okay as it it a very solid part of the boot and baseplate and should not affect anything.

    Now, click the baseplate onto you boot.
    Make sure everything looks tight and correct.
    Click on the sliders to make sure that there are not gaps.
    Make more cuts or grind off more material as necessary.
    Remove the sliders.
    Take a pencil and mark where you will drill holes for you baseplate and slider screws.
    Use a 1/4" drill bit and make your holes.
    Screw your baseplate and sliders to your boot.

    You will need to cut a space out for the BS plate to sit.
    I recommend cutting a groove in the side(or slots for the newer style of BS plates) of the boot for the top of the BS plate to click into.
    Don't do this until your baseplates are on and where they need to be!
    Loosely screw your backslide plates to your baseplates and mark with a pencil on the side of the boot where you will need to cut these slits.
    Drill out the ends with a small drill bit then cut in-between with a razor blade or Dremil.
    I don't have pictures of this but it's probably the easiest part!

    Screw everything together! And if that didn't take you long enough, now you have to do the other one!

    DONE! Fits perfectly and looks stock:

    Contact me if you have anymore questions, noticed any errors or think this can be improved in anyway!
    [email protected]
    You can also commission me to modify your skates(any brand) for you as I've been doing this for about 10 years now!
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    DAT FRAME!!!!!

    I would sell you my soul for those white Gc3's


      Originally posted by CL347BV View Post
      DAT FRAME!!!!!

      I would sell you my soul for those white Gc3's
      Don't have them anymore
      I have the brown S4 ones with black H-blocks tho.
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        those skates look dam sexy


          Ill pass. I'm hella jealous you have them though


            Wow. Amazing work.


              Thanks, yo.
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                those all are fukin tight!!! also been drinking that beer in ur sig justin and its wonderful



                  damn thats sick....are the SL soul plates bigger than the genesys soul plates?


                    wow thats sick. i've been wondering if usd 7 souls would go on easier. lol.

                    but this is great work man!
                    Originally posted by *ROYALwithCHEESE*
                    My favorite episode was when the chick was on all fours with a stomach bug spraying out of both holes........crying.....I was so fucking hard

                    Originally posted by CK
                    ahahah sike niggers


                      Originally posted by SoufCaK89 View Post
                      those all are fukin tight!!! also been drinking that beer in ur sig justin and its wonderful
                      It's good innit!

                      Originally posted by iblade View Post
                      damn thats sick....are the SL soul plates bigger than the genesys soul plates?
                      I think they're a little wider. The advantage is that they're parallel to the frame channel rather than being thinner at the heel.

                      Originally posted by marshun View Post
                      wow thats sick. i've been wondering if usd 7 souls would go on easier. lol.

                      but this is great work man!
                      They might. Give it a try! Thanks!
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                        Sexy! I wonder how this mod might turn out on Genesys 9 boots..


                          The exact same...
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                            Nice bro, razors should release a genesis 2.0 that would be compatible with sl souls