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[How-To-Mod] Salomon boots with multiple soul plates

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    Originally posted by justinthursday View Post
    TRS souls
    This is pretty easy! The TRS souls have slightly raised heel but it's not so raised that you worry about shaving it down. You will NOT have to mod your soul plates!
    I used a size 7 boot with a size 7-7.5 midsoul and 7-8.5 inserts.
    Grind the bottom of your boot flat. Shave the sides of the heel and front area as needed.
    You will need to cut a little 1/4" square of plastic or something dense and drill a hole in the middle. This will go between your rear soul insert and the boot.
    It will prevent everything from warping when you tighten it up.
    Put the soul plates on with frame bolts.
    You may drill new t-nut holes in the boot to screw everything together. The heel area will take longer screws.
    Here's how they fit:

    I always cut the toe nub down as it is unnecessarily big.
    i plan on saving/completely ruining some already ruined shell size 26.5 campbells by flattening the boot (yes, teh nubs too...) and slapping on some TRS midsouls and soulplates.
    after fiddling around with some size 27.5 and 26.5 midsouls i think i need size 25.5 midsouls (EU 39-40 / US 7-7.5) to get the closest fit.

    any and all additional info on this salomod is welcome.



      could i maybe send you a pair of non ufs salos with a soul plate and you do the conversion for me? just a thought considering your pinpoint post on the soulplate/ufs conversons.

      let me know thanks!


        send'em to me
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          Monday, quick question, besides stock (assuming there isn't an endless supply of Salomons, no backslide plate to protect the boot is a bitch) what have been your favourite set-ups in terms of;

          1. Performance
          2. Durability
          3. Ease of modification/minimal hardware parts

          Feel free to elaborate on each if you're so inclined - really curious.


            Originally posted by Monday
            Stock always is best, the feeling of royales and savannahs cannot be compared. Unfortunately the boot wears out over time and (!) the souls are too narrow at the heel for my liking which makes switch ups difficult.

            All soul mods suck because they ruin the appearance of the boot (even when nubs are saved) but I think the Symetrics plates are the most desireable option. USD plates are just too slow. Xsjado plates too thin.

            Symetrics plates with a very deep groove would be the optimum as far as I am concerned. But who grinds a huge ass groove into their plates after just having spent hours in the work shop trying to make them fit to the boots?

            Symetrics plates shaped like the original souls with the heel sticking out to make them parallel should be very good for someone that doesn't skate much street.

            Unfortunately the new V3 Symetrics plates are much thicker now. Glad I have some backup pairs of V1 and V2 plates.
            Arent they only six mount with the V3's?

            Also Thisisoul may have v2's in stock.


              Where are all the pic from this thread?! so hard to do this without any visuals.


                Originally posted by O.C View Post
                Where are all the pic from this thread?! so hard to do this without any visuals.
                Fair point!


                  I know the thread's been dead a bit but thought I would add my DIY soles in. They're fast, and seem quite tough at this stage. I've done it as a 3 piece method so I can replace the smallest bit of sole plate, without having to redo the full lot.