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9.5yr liners

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    9.5yr liners

    i picked up a pair of used khutis at a 2nd hand sporting goods store in feb 2001, as my first "new" skates.

    my first NEW skates were spizer thrones, which i loved. except for the liners. they were thin, and didnt protect my shins enough from the top edge of the cuffs. so i jammed my khuti liners in them.

    countless pairs of skates came and went as the years passed. mostly (classic)thrones, mostly with stock liners.
    and the pile of brand new throne liners grew, as each new boot got stuffed with those trusty old khuti liners.

    the foam never broke down, the fabric never separated from the foam, and the only sign of use was the ever-increasing stank.

    sometime in 2002, i came across a friend's brother who had tried skating---khutis----and given up...barely-used liners that i picked up as backups. they sat in my closet until this past weekend.

    my original liners finally gave up the bond between the main body and the rubber sole.
    other than that, and a slight tear in the leather around the top of the cuff, they were still in fantastic shape.

    ...just felt that i needed to share the story of the best-made skate product ever, besides medium wheels.

    Since my ab1liners ripped in the back i picked up a khuti from ebay which should be like new..
    I cant really remember the skate,but i hope the liner will be good....many say is one of the best liners ever made.

    Also hope that valo will put some good liners + a good insole in valo lights,its a shame you have to pick salomon or old roces liners to get some comfort in most skates nowadays..


      for me, best liners were the daytona, ci-5, and spizer rollerblades, not sure about later models. but the terry cloth inside was so comfy. glad i have some salo liners for the next shell skates i get. is it true you can toss salomon liners in the wash? cold or warm? dryer safe?


        no more then 30c temperature


          Khuti came in today,super good condition and what a comfortable thing this is!!

          Bad Thing: They are too fat for the valoshell
          Maybe i cut the tongue from the ab-liner and put in on the rocesliner,because that thing is too big for valos..
          Otherwise go with a salomonliner again..

          But its crazy to see how much quality this old liner was compared to the valoliners now.


            two words, blake dennis... soo sick