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Looking into Freestyle Skates

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    Looking into Freestyle Skates

    I am an aggressive skater, wanting a complete set-up to cruise in the streets, go from a to b, but also occasionally go down stairs or jump small gaps. And I would want 4, rather than 3 wheels.
    What should I get? Is there any article, vlog etc. on this topic?

    Wheelbase compared to foot size could be a factor. Sounds like you want an urban setup. Probably 80mm will be your max wheel size. Aeons, Metroblades, Twisters, Flying Eagle should be worth investigating.


      As someone who adores USD carbons as an 80mm ride....The twister edge is phenomenal. I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed it....The Seba SX kind of sucks in comparison. I can't believe the hype around those boots.
      Yours truly,

      Metric F. Tonne