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K2 r100 frames(+ stock wheels) quality?! (frame walls bending/loose axels?)

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    K2 r100 frames(+ stock wheels) quality?! (frame walls bending/loose axels?)

    As a well known alternative for the Wizard frame, is it worth to buy? I think many people use them, but I've read some things about the frame walls bending/loose axels. And any experience with the so called k2 Urban wheels 100mm 90A(stock on the Sodo skate.) I have read something about the wheel urethane on some wheels is not correctly centered(in line.) So they spin wobbly.

    I found a good deal on the frames/wheels and I'm not going to do big stunt with them or something. So are they not that bad/still worth it?! Because a lot of people owning them and i guess it shouldn't be that bad right?!
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    Exactly. I’ve already had to replace one axel in a couple months, and while I skate often, not unreasonably gnar.
    I’ve read bad things about that boot that comes with them, I’m steering clear from K2 for now. It’s too bad that most companies don’t seem to get that top notch quality is crucial these days, and a lot of skaters are actually willing to pay more.

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