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Aeons 60mm vs GAWDS: Need help deciding!

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    Aeons 60mm vs GAWDS: Need help deciding!

    I've been blading Razors for over 15 years but I wanna change that. I checked out a lot of the other options and USD caught my attention.

    Among the skates, I like the options the Aeon 60mms provide with the new closer to the ground one piece skate system and I like the super fluid soul plate and visual goodness Franky Morales GAWDS provide .

    Among close friends they vouch for both sides but their opinions seem more biased, I think. One set state that Aeons aren't very good because they have bad heel pads and the cuff is too stiff. They add that buying a new skate is inevitable because of the one piece system. However, I know that to be somewhat untrue due to some stating they've had their Aeons for 2 years and at least one claiming the stiff cuffs were only present in early models.

    For GAWDS, some have told me that the skin is unnecessary weight and in it for good looks and not function. They add that despite the flexible options UFS brings, the system is "old school" if I really want to try something new. I don't know which to choose but with the money i have now, i want to choose one.

    Some more information is that I'm a casual skater in my late 30s. I've been blading since 1999 and haven't stopped. My default style is grind sessions and pure street skating but I often mix it up doing everything from gaps, rolls, parkour and other hair raising shenanigans. I rarely do park, but when I do, i like to try everything.

    Can anyone please help by sharing your personal knowledge about both so that I can reach a more informed decision? Thanks.
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