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Boot Liners..literally

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    Boot Liners..literally

    Anyone ever tried sticking a whole ass regular snow boot liner in their wheelieboots? I'm super broke and I need liners pretty bad but if I could scoop some four dollar snow boots from Goodwill... anyone ever thought or tried this? estimations on how it would go?

    If you live in the US downlaod ioffer and letgo. Look for some Salomons or roces. I’ve bought like 10 salos and 4 5th elements only spent 120 on everything so far. Some of them are hardly used almost brand new come with some great classic liners. Or go to a goodwill store. Last salos I bought were 25 and the liner was almost new.

    i plan on burning a bunch of salomons and uploading the video to YouTube. I’ll be saving the industry.