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Can anyone tell me anything about these wheels?

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    Can anyone tell me anything about these wheels?

    I picked up a set of Bigs and the 72mm Kryptonics I currently have are pretty soft at around 82a. I was looking around ebay and found these (89a):

    These piqued my interest as well:

    The price tells me these are probably garbage but I don't know if I'm going to stick with the Bigs anyways and there really doesn't seem to be too many 68-72mm options. Looks like they ship out of Michigan--does anyone (Al) have any advice or alternatives?

    Those second ones looked like a similar shape and core to the UC 68's but on closer inspection they're not. Might be worth a go for that price though? If they are true 96a they might be decent.


      Originally posted by ryanmatthewdaily View Post
      There really doesn't seem to be too many 68-72mm options.
      You don't need too many options.
      You really only need one.

      Here are three links to convince you:

      Nothing comes close, unless you manage to find some 72mm Cozmo wheels.
      For free extra lulz, you could go with the 68mm Franky Gawdz wheels.
      Don't waste time & money on shitty wheels unless you hate yourself.


        I'm going to give the 68/96s a shot and report back. The cost for 8 came out to around $25 after using an ebay coupon. If they turn out to be terrible I'll learn to stop hating myself and get the Franklin Gwods. Winter is swiftly approaching anyways, and soon I enter sk8bernation.


          Legit Gynese wheels. Not the best, but not bad at all for the money. Can usually find them for about 2.5usd/wheel from that seller if you dig