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size 14 skates

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    size 14 skates

    Okay, so i love to skate but my problem is that i am having problems to find skates that fits me. I used to skate remz size 13 US but after hitting a wall and loosing my toenail i couldnt skate them anymore. I loved the feeling of them but they was just to small.
    Bought some xsjados and used my own shoe but i didnt like the feeling of them and royals hurts my feets so bad in them.

    Okay so i bought some valos jj light carbons. My feets love them but they are really like boats and clumsy. My toe is like 1 cm from the beginning of the plastic at the upper front, the shell is just to big.

    I am now out of options and need your guys help.

    My foot is exactly 304 mm. Adidas size 14 US fits me perfect.

    Sorry for my bad english.
    Cheers blader brothers

    Some thin liners like Intuitions could help you get into skates that are in the region of size 12 depending on the mold sizes. I'd be considering that if I had much larger feet. Rollerblade also do well in the larger sizes and the skinned models are easy to mod for bigger sizes also.



      if the Valos fit well, but felt clumsy then these will probably suit you better.

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        Cheers, were you able to read one of the newest articles on be-mag?


          Thanks for the answers guys, i am looking at rollerblade at the moment but can't find any site that are seeling them in large sizes. It may work if i toecut them.

          As for the roces m12 i think its the same shell as the valos? If it is, then they are way to big with the 13-15 shell.

          That article about brothers was the shittiest i have ever read.. Is it even serious? I am sorry but that was the dumbest article i have read in long time, and on a forum like this. When i am saying blader brothers i only mean that of respect for helping each other out, like a family. And we don't have to take that word to serious. Everybody now that we aren't brothers, but they know the meaning of that word.

          OT now please.
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            Size 14 US, K2 Natural:

            Non-UFS, which seems to be all the craze these days. Sorry about your big ass feet.


              Originally posted by `\.oOOo./` View Post
              Size 14 US, K2 Natural:

              Non-UFS, which seems to be all the craze these days. Sorry about your big ass feet.
              Thanks for the find man i really appreciate it! I need to think about that. I skated k2 fattys when i was a kid and i loved them, but now i am spoiled with UFS skates and i dont know if i can go back to non-UFS. These will be my last option if i cant find anything else. Thanks again.

              Yeah, it sucks to have big ass feet :/
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                I know there has been about a month since this was originally posted but figured I would respond anyway.... if you would have taken a moment to search the forum you would have found several posts dealing with this exact issue only a couple months ago.

                If if you are a big footed person your best bet is either the USD VII’s or the Carbons. I have also had good luck with Razors Genesis BUT that model has been discontinued (means you can find them cheap). I also recently found that Sebas fit large and wide feet....however you said that the valo’s Felt clunky. Do you have or have you had any skates in the past to compare them too?


                  If nothing else works, get some large Xsjados, or however Powerslide names them nowadays.
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