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61 or 62mm dual-durometer wheels?

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    61 or 62mm dual-durometer wheels?

    Yo folks, been off skating for some years, only just got out again, and could use some advise.

    I use M1 Murder 1's 57 59 59 57 mm on a Kizer Featherlight (IIRC) frame on Razors G9.
    Had to dig a little plastic off the frame under the center wheels to make space for those 59's.

    I'd like to use 59 61 61 59 instead, but can't locate any dual-durometer wheels larger than 58mm.
    Are there any 61 or 62mm dual-duro's in the market?

    If not, I was thinking of maybe using GC 62 mm, which are stated to have to PU poured over a spoked hub, giving them some flex..
    Anyone having experienced if those feels sortof like dual-durometer wheels, i.e. giving-in when landing?

    I'd skip GC wheels - most people think they are garbage. If you want to rocker 60mm ish wheels then I'd suggest the new k2 frames. 61mm max, rockerable and good wheel protection. You could do 60mm rockered and then you can rotate your wheels when they wear, which you can't if you have different size wheels.


      Get your points.. forgot about the rotation problem, thanks