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Other razor mods?

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    Other razor mods?

    Can you use any other soul plates on razor skates? Especially the genysis models? Asking for a friend...

    The Gen soulplates are probably the best option for the Gen skate - they slide well and support the boot well. Other souls might fit, but I don't think you'd get any benefit and the weakest part of that skate is the boot itself anyway.

    SLs and Shifts also require the "proper" souls due to the unique ways they fit the boot.

    You can experiment with Cults a little - I've seen SSM souls (straight fit) M12/V13/Valo souls (require modding) and I reckon the new THEM souls will fit them when they come out. You'd need a soul with a raised heel for these. SSM is probably the best as they are super long-lasting and fit easy.


      The Gen isn't my favorite boot, but I LOVE the sole kit.
      Yours truly,

      Metric F. Tonne