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Ramelle Knight? Pro or Foe?

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    Originally posted by Honni
    and to-bee or however the fuck you say it... someone can call themselves whatever they want, its when someone else calls them it that its a problem... its a double standard that EVERYONE has..... dont play stupid, unless youre not playing
    it's *toe-bee, but anyway, double standards based upon race are typically called racism.
    so by saying it's ok for black people to use the term but not for non-blacks you're being a racist.
    and i'm not playing, it's something i simply do not understand.
    if you don't like to get called a nigger you should maybe stop calling yourself one.



      Originally posted by Tra
      wow i wont read this whole thread, but i did read the messages.
      interesting to see im not the only person you fools are two-faced with.
      no one is two faced with you, we call you a fag in person, and over the internet, thats keeping the same face all the time..faggot


        Originally posted by IgoR
        Originally posted by Honni
        Originally posted by Mikey Peluso
        Lol, Honni, you didn't talk shit to Jay nor I in person. not gonna beat up a 15 year old child,
        Seriously. I laugh so hard when a just-entered-his-teens-yearold comes up with the "Lol you didnt even touch me". No shit. Who in their right mind would hit a little kid. Hahaha