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Earliest photos of your skating?

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    Earliest photos of your skating?

    My Dad busted his shoulder recently, so I've been spending more time back home with him and managed to find time to dig through an enormous box of photos of skating (I was a very keen amatuer skate photographer for a while)

    Anyway, I've found some of my earliest skating photos (of me) from, I assume around 1997. I skated a long time before this too, but a bit of hockey and a bit just cruising about being annoying. These are the first photos of me doing tricks. Got me reminiscing hard. I shared them on facebook with a little history, but seeing as most people here don't have me on fb, I thought I'd share them here too.

    Wanna show your first skate pics?

    180 on the Didcot Wave stairs. This must be 1997. The Wave had the best waxed curbs in didcot and i must have spent years sessioning that car park. Pretty progressive skate setup here. 72mm anti rocker.

    Every weekend we'd go to the skatepark in Radley, both Saturday and Sunday. Sometimes for 12 hours at a time. Definitely got sunstroke a few times there. This backslide was absolutely not landed but there was something pretty amazing about skating in late 90s where just trying stuff was pretty much an achievement. Every weekend there were new tricks to learn and trick names to adopt. The bar was low and it didn't matter.

    When they put the mini ramp up at Radley the park was rammed all summer so we started going even earlier in the day or even when it was raining just to get some time to ourselves. Judging by the lack of rust on the ramp this must be from the first summer the ramp was installed. I had Unity grinds on lock back then. They didn't look good.

    This was Oxford Wheels Projects best setup in my eyes. Gapping from ramp to ramp was so fun and the vert and vert-wall really forced you to get your ramp riding dialled. Again, I'd spend all weekend here and even dashing there after school even it meant getting a 40 minute skate in before they closed the park at dusk. An hour each way for a 40 minute skate sometimes.

    This must be 1997 and my first trip to London to skate PlayStation Skatepark with my friend Petris. Mandatory basketball vest over a t shirt and wallet chain. Launch to topside torque soul on the best Bauer box ever. RIP.
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    I think i have one in my rollerskates ca. 1986...lost a lot thru lots of moving.
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      the oldest thing I have is this video from 1999. I got my first rollerblades in 1992 and my first aggressive skates in 1997.

      Face The Music


        Great pics DanielBond! Nice to see Oxford Wheels Project and Playstation how I remember them back then.

        Some old Radlands pics and my local mini around 1998..

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          Damn, CDS soul plates on only one foot....that's some throwback!! Sick pics KMA. Where did you grow up?


            Yeh CDS on my right foot only means that to this day I'm rubbish at switch grinds haha
            Grew up in Banbury, about 30 miles north of Oxford.


              Oooo, good thread!

              Nice pics everyone... That playstation funbox was good times indeed

              I have a few pics at my parents place, will grab them in a day or two


                Please, somebody post more - preferably when they were starting out on recreational skates


                  ok, here you go:

                  back when charles barkley played for the phoenix suns.

                  i'm pretty sure dinosaurs were still alive when this picture was taken.


                    Good thread! I haven?t got many.

                    Here?s a funny one. I can guarantee that I rolled next to the rail, placed my neg foot on and then quickly lifted my leg to grab for the photo. Definitely not a real neg fish. Hot Puberty t shirt though.


                    Also, Soap Shoes on MK law court


                      Oh dude what size are those Soaps?!!


                        Loving this thread - I will try and dig out my photos. Man seeing that Grind box at the Playstation park brought back memories!. I also loved going up that vert wall and touching the roof!
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                          Port Clinton, OH - Spring 1997 (K2 Backyards)
                          Before my first handrail. This was some weird retaining wall behind my apartment, pretty sure I landed in the grass. Had just watched Airborne for the dozenth time.


                          Dana Point, CA - Fall 1997 (K2 Backyards)

                          Moved from Ohio back to California to live with my dad. First decent photo of me skating, but I look like a blowfish. Forward gap at Harpoon Henry's @ Dana Point Harbor.


                          Corona del Mar, CA - Winter 1997 (K2 Backyards)

                          Kindgrind @ Roy O. Anderson Elementary School near Fashion Island. We spent 8 hours at a time skating this place, taking the bus for over an hour to get to bus stop 1 mile away from the school, then skating that last mile. Once me and my fat friend missed the last bus home and had to skate almost 20 miles home, mostly in the dark, down Pacific Coast highway. Sidewalks were few and far between on that trip. It was fuckin' scary.


                          Point Loma, CA - 1998 (K2 King 55s)

                          Switch soul @ Point Loma High School. One of a few trips we made down there.


                          Dana Point, CA - 1998 (K2 King 55s)

                          Topside Mistrial on a really high square rail with a shitty 45 degree cement wedge in front of the curb the first post of the rail sits on. Rail was so tricky to skate, and completely unforgiving if you missed your footing. Everyone got fucked up on this thing at one point.


                          San Clemente, CA - 2000 (K2 Style Point Bobs)

                          Ledge roll @ Bernice Ayer middle school. The last photo of me when I lived SoCal. Didn't get another one until 2008 @ Calafia state beach.
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                            Originally posted by DanielBond View Post
                            Oh dude what size are those Soaps?!!
                            Don't have them anymore

                            Top Mistrial in Vince's post is sick.



                              That's an amazing post Vince. Some great photos! The photo of the down-ledge in SC is the clearest I've seen of that disaster gap. It's lower than I thought where you land on it (as in, you have to gap out, but not really UP), which actually makes it much scarier to me.


                                Originally posted by Sirosis View Post
                                Don't have them anymore

                                Top Mistrial in Vince's post is sick.

                                Thank you

                                Originally posted by DanielBond View Post
                                That's an amazing post Vince. Some great photos! The photo of the down-ledge in SC is the clearest I've seen of that disaster gap. It's lower than I thought where you land on it (as in, you have to gap out, but not really UP), which actually makes it much scarier to me.
                                Thank you, too!

                                I have more photos, one of my very first handrail somewhere around here. I have photos from RSA (Roller Skates of America) in Costa Mesa, some spots in Santa Ana like the Santa Ana river & MacArthur Blvd., Fremont Elementary and Wilson Elementary...huh...saying that I have photos form elementary schools sounds really creepy. But damn were those some of the best spots I've ever skated. Shit, I even have some of me skating the UCI ledges that were like 4 ft. high.

                                Now I'm riding the nostalgia train hard.


                                  Wow you guys are all way older than me. There must be a photo of me doing a method off a factor X ramp with K2's of some kind. They were red and white and came with a brake on them, which I took off. Might have been kids skates.


                                    Originally posted by kma55 View Post
                                    Them skates spotted!


                                      Originally posted by will.m View Post

                                      Them skates spotted!
                                      *size xl boot


                                        This was a great thread, then the board kinda died. Now the board is a little more active so maybe we can get this thread going again?


                                          I feel like such a poser seeing all these posts. I started skating in 2007 and my oldest pic of me skating is on some Deshi Carbons, go figure. Its like everyone here was just sick at skating, doing handrails and gaps the second they put skates on their feet


                                            this post is gold. here is mine