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KONAMI hittin the E3 stage soon

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    KONAMI hittin the E3 stage soon

    is there going to be anything else besides 360 getting the shaft on a metal gear game minus solid snake and playstation getting the shaft on a psp metal gear game???

    where can i stream this mother fucker? ign requires me to install their player and work won't let me.



      :22 Video for new Kojima Productions title(s)
      3:22 Rainy background scene from the teaser site!
      3:22 Mr. Kojima takes the stage to HUGE applause.

      3:22 He makes a joke about swine flu.
      3:23 He wants to brighten the world with news about his new title. He believes E3 is sad w/o big announcements.
      3:23 Four new titles!!!!!

      3:24 A new coin-op title - "Tactical Online Action"

      3:24 Bringing PS3's MGO to coin-op. Probably for Japan only...

      3:25 Special machine & interface. eKonami will combine arcades together.

      3:25 It will use goggles and a 3D view.

      this is retarded.


        ima add you on PSN Ed


          3:27 Title #2 - Metal Gear Solid Peacewalker - The PSP exclusive sequel to MGS3 announced at Sony's press conference.


            Originally posted by Howboutcha C'mon
            ima add you on PSN Ed
            cool, what you play?

            3:29 #1 - MGS Arcade
            #2 - MGS Peacewalker
            #3 - MGS Rising (most likely)
            #4 - Mask Project

            oh well. mgs:R will be fun.

            *edit, this fucker doing minutes updates is jumping the gun.


              3:33 On to title #3...

              3:33 Raiden shown. Here comes Rising!

              3:33 Trailer time.

              3:34 Same one that played at Microsoft's press conference so far.

              3:34 PS3 LOGO confirmed on the title screen.

              3:34 This is multiplatform people.

              3:34 PS3 / Xbox 360

              3:35 This is the "next series of Metal Gear" for the next-gen consoles.

              3:35 This is a stealth espionage action game, but the main character will be Raiden.


                last title is "castlevania: lords of shadow"

                i never got into those games, but i guess it's a big deal.


                  Rising should be cool.

                  i play COD, metal gear, gta... thats about it


                    if i finish wolverine soon, ill take the hit and trade it on cod4


                      Originally posted by Special ED
                      last title is "castlevania: lords of shadow"

                      i never got into those games, but i guess it's a big deal.
                      Is this 3d or 2d/sidescroller?

                      I'm not in the mood to wade through video game sites right now.


                        i'd recommend world at war over cod4, such a better game. plus with modern warfare coming out so soon, may as well wait for that


                          Forgot how great Giant Bomb is, so I was catching up on announcements.

                          My Wii is actually going to get some heavy usage, while it looks like my 360 will just wait for Mass Effect 2

                 (Nintendo and Team Ninja?! Fuck yeah!)