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Proof that BMV's musical taste is garbage.

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    Tech Noooooiiine!!!!!!

    Im totally with BMV on that one.
    Saw him live, didnt know who the fuck he was but him and Kris Callecho pissed all over everyone else that was performing on the tour.

    Plus when I bought two of his Cd's his assistant got them signed for me.
    But his last couple of albums sucked balls.
    and the ICP shit pissed me off.

    How many black men know all the lyrics to bohemien Raphsody?


      hes just a stupid black juggalo


        MUSIC POLICE!!!


          Originally posted by Bazodazo
          hes just a stupid black juggalo
          You listen to stupid music.


            Originally posted by texas what it do
            i'm a playa i'm a playa
            i'm a playa i'm a playa
            i'm a playa i'm a playa
            oh oh oh i'm a playa
            Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha that song is just.. I have no words


              tech n9ne look like he a devil worshipp nigga

              fuck all that


                Originally posted by Cochell
                Did somebody say GARBAGE?


                  Originally posted by BMV
                  Originally posted by norILroller
                  Originally posted by BMV
                  He dissed Rakim only because Rakim acted like he was too good to go on before Tech N9ne.

                  Rakim isn't shit anymore, who gives a fuck about him.

                  Fuck all your whiteboy pussy rap.

                  You're just mad that your boy Cage is making scenester rap and looks like this now.

                  rakim should be pissed about opening up for tech 9. thats bullshit, i dont care how good you think tech 9 is, but thats just not right. thats like black sabbath opening up for disturbed or something.

                  It happens all the time. It's about who is popular now, not who was popular.

                  My girlfriend went to a show where Behemoth, a great/respected band who has been around since the early 90's, was opening for fucking Job For a Cowboy, a shitty rip off death metal band made popular by myspace in 2005. You didn't see them crying like little bitches.

                  I think it is in poor taste to throw a fit about something like that when you're supposed to be a respected member of the hip hop community.

                  Save that prima donna nigger shit for Kanye West.
                  Slayer is opening for Manson the 2nd year in a row. Such a fucking joke.

                  Ice cube for the mother fucking win


                    Originally posted by Cunt Destroyer

                    Ice cube for the mother fucking win

                    yeah bro


                      x raided is the hardest rapper

                      ROCK LOBSTER
                      back from the dead!! :P