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Tips & tricks launch box (as the search tool is not working at all)

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    Tips & tricks launch box (as the search tool is not working at all)


    Recently, I've been trying to improve my 'airs' in park.

    Do you have tips and tricks for launch boxes?

    I tend to always fall short by a few inches/cms to complete it.

    I don't really know where 'my problem' comes from:
    - Lack of speed:
    - Lack of pumping up the launch curve
    - Should I jump more or not... I don't even know if I'm jumping lol.
    - or simply fear

    For the reference...

    "Then it comes to be that the soothing light at the end of your tunnel is just a freight train coming in your way."

    It's hard to see from that angle but did you actually jump or are you just letting the quarter launch you? Kind of looks like the second thing. You have to give some kind of jump to set yourself in the air correctly and at the right time on the quarter for the trajectory you want yourself to follow, otherwise the quarter eats your speed so yeah, it might also be a pumping thing. Your jump needs to keep you level because the quarter naturally wants to send you into a backflip. What's on the other side of that, a regular flat landing or another quarter? Some part of it might be fear of landing on a slope or in a quarter, or fear of overshooting.


      I mean you don't need to jump into space, just a little bit of pop, you're almost there anyway. You'd have to try to overshoot that it looks like.


        Looks like you're letting your legs go loose and absorb the ramp instead of giving it a pump