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just got back from madcity throwdown

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    Originally posted by Grand Galactic Inquisitor
    I think for Gilpin negatives are easier than soul based tricks.
    Gilpin is master at weird/crazy tricks.


      Originally posted by Josh Michalec
      Originally posted by formerly galenaskater
      Originally posted by QCSKY
      Originally posted by formerly galenaskater
      Originally posted by *ROYALwithCHEESE*
      did you THROW anything DOWN?
      my "signature" negative sweatstance and negative top mistrial and a couple of hter simple tricks. nothing too fancy shmancy
      when did u learn those tricks?
      i've had those tricks on round rails for ages. i used to do them regualry on bike racks n such back when i was like 14. then i didn't skate much let alone do any negative tricks for years, then gilpin jefferson yagla etc came to dubuque like 4 years ago. after watching gilpin skate i brought back teh negatives
      did you do negatives at the cr park when you came like 7 years ago.. or however long it was. all i know is you told me you came once a long time ago and it was when i first started skating if i remember right.
      nah i dicked arround ont he mini with phill austin and kramer and german. kramer did a boatload of 450 tricks. phil got more tech then tra. german kid did some gnarly backflips. then they tried telling me that bauman was gonna be the next haffey. i was like