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Pretty funny interview with Jackson and Doc:

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    Pretty funny interview with Jackson and Doc:

    Just some cool parts:

    What's it like manning the Astrobase?

    DH: The Soulbots [note: Soulbot is credited with voicing Team Venture's robot H.E.L.P.eR] do most of the work. It's a rarified oxygen, so you're always a little high from the effect of this very pure oxygen. The Soulbots do most of the work now, tend to all of our needs, except for the sexual ones, which we as astronauts put on the back burner. It's unnecessary. It's unscientific. It's unsanitary, to be honest with you. It might be morally incorrect.

    Jackson Publick: Until we're married.

    DH: We made a promise to ourselves that we would not touch ourselves until we find our inner child and then it becomes spiritual pedophilia and that's kind of wrong, so we're stuck in a corner with that. I apologize.