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Wanna see a non-rollerblade montage I made?

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    Wanna see a non-rollerblade montage I made?

    Charlie might like it. Idk what kind of electronic he is into.

    me like
    be-magers are cruel but funny

    bazodazo rules his toothbrush


      dang that was one of the most enjoyable things ive watched in a while. ive always wanted to make a montage like that but can never seem to get my hands on a camera long enough haha. ive always thought montages like that take a lot more creativity then just high and dry rollerblading.


        I liked the colors.


          no. Actually, i do not want to see a non-rollerblading montage that you have made.


            Thanks StarScream, Dustin, and aTOM.

            I was trying to prove a point to my friend that you can have shaky hands, and still figure out a way to make that work. (because when he films rollerblading, he really kills the vibe by kicking and screaming when he fucked up on filming the shot... because he nudged it a tad bit )

            So that was a anti smooth edit. But isn't that becoming popular with cop shows and movies now in days?

            I'm happy with the horrible coloring too! No presets, just tweaking with levels and color balance.

            Thanks guy.


              beirut is really a hit or miss band with me. that song was okay, but his voice didnt go good with it.

              i liked it though.

              can i post it to my blog? i'll give you cred for sure.


                Yes you can post it on your blog.

                I like beiruts electronica sound more in that album. (they split between a horns and whatever, to electronic) Thanks a lot!


                  I watched this 10 minutes ago.

                  Coincidence ? I think not.

                  Oh, and I also watched the black widiw VS scorpion edit too.