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Digitalise - Mini DV

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    Digitalise - Mini DV

    Yes, I tried the search function, did not succeed.

    Anyone using Mini DV Camcorders, how do you digitalise? My computer does not have a firewire port anymore.
    Do those USB Video grabbers work well, that have an Input for the Video cables (yellow, white, red) and and a USB for Output?
    Any alternatives?

    well, i did keep one of my old Mac's (2010) exactly for that situation. Als it still runs FCpro7 like a champ.

    Otherwise, i bet there are firewire-to-anything adapters, google might know.

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      I was curious if anyone is experienced with those adapters.
      there are expensive adapter machines like the one in the youtube video that transform firewire signals to a usb output and there are cheaper ones, that work with the video cables (white yellow red) and a usb output. because it's much cheaper I was afraid to lose quality on the latter ones
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        you can get a usb to firewire adapter. they are really cheap too.

        you could use a capture device like "dazzle dvc100" or the "gv-usb2".
        the gv-usb2 is the best quality you can get, especially for the price. but dazzle dvc100 (cheaper) will do just as good for minidv tapes, so no big deal either way.

        I wouldnt gamble with no-brand capture devices from the shenzen market, especially for something like preservation of memories.


        EDIT: you could also get a firewire pci card if you didnt have luck with the usb-firewire adapter like this

        2ND EDIT: the gv-usb2 is 480i, so is dazzle dvc100.

        Mini DV 25Mb/sec 720x480,4:1:1(NTSC)

        SDTV (480i) is 480x720
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          I looked into this last year when I was building a new desktop PC and wanted to ditch my firewire PCI card. Everybody who seemed like they knew what they were talking about said that the little USB adapters fundamentaly won't work. I never tried though.

          There are some older USB capture devices with firewire inputs but they cost more than I wanted to spend and potentially not be compatible.

          In the end I got bored and just stayed with a huge motherboard with a PCI slot rather than moving to a smaller case.

          All a waste of time because I'll probably still never use it.