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New video with HVX200 + OPTEKA 72mm fisheye -- OK4 --

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    New video with HVX200 + OPTEKA 72mm fisheye -- OK4 --

    enjoy!! feed back is appreciated!

    Looks! Good. The scene is looking strong out there!

    I have just picked up an HVX and an Opteka 72mm fisheye. I was playing around with it last night and noticed that, if the lens hood is on, it shows up on the edge of the frame. Does that mean the only option is to remove it if I wanna avoid that?

    Seems kind of pointless having a lens hood at all if you have to remove it to film without any annoying distractions at the edge of the frame and surely just makes the lens more vulnerable to damage.

    Is that what you do with yours?


      Ya, Juice doesn't use a lens hood!