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Dad needs some advice.

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    Dad needs some advice.

    Hi all. Hoping to get some advice on behalf of my daughter. (She's the rollerblader, not me). She has asked for a GoPro or equivalent camera for her birthday for use when she is blading. Choosing which camera to buy is one thing but then there is also the whole issue of mounting it correctly. And as I am pretty much ignorant of all things rollerblading related, it's leaving me a little hamstrung in working out what would be the most advisable way to mount the camera. I've been looking at all the various GoPro mounts for sale. A helmet mount (see photo) would seem the obvious choice but is there any merit in mounting the camera to the boot itself for a more interesting angle of view? If so, are there specific or specialised mounts available for this task.

    Any advice from the more experienced of you would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    overall, a gopro is a decent option if she's inexperienced with cameras and still learning skating.

    Most people who use go pros skating use more of a handle-mount (to film other people, or sometimes themselves).. but a helmet mount is a good option which is probably more secure (less risk of dropping.. less risk of it getting stolen while skating).

    Mounting a camera to your skates sounds like a great way to break a camera super quickly.


      Mounting it to the boot seems a good idea but when I tried it the video sucked, way too much vibration and movement to make the video watchable.

      Chest mount is a popular option, just don't fall on it


        For aggressive skating (grinding, ramps, jumps etc), mounting to the boot is not practical, she'll just shear the camera off almost immediately. A chest or helmet mount is the most practical. Helmet being the easiest and probably safest for the camera.

        If you don't want to drop big bucks on a GoPro, check out the Xiaomi Yi action cams, they're quite a bit cheaper and still good quality, and use the standard GoPro mounting system.


          I've found POV footage from rollerblading just pretty goofy looking overall but helmet mounts are good as long as the helmet is stable. If it's not, there's always little vibrations.