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Pelican hard cases - 12-27-2015

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    Pelican hard cases - 12-27-2015

    I know some users have expressed interest in getting a hard case for their photo gear, and Amazon has a great deal with 60% discounts on Pelican hard cases today only:

    I just got a lid organizer for my 1510 for Christmas, and it looks like I might pick up a new case today, and thought I'd share.

    Originally posted by Monday
    Good post. Peli cases are great. And just as expensive. Here's a good alternative. Possibly just as good, and more kalaz.
    Never heard of them before, but looking at the specs on this page, the biggest one holds like 3 GoPros.

    They don't offer any cases bigger than 12" W x 9" H x 6 D". Seems ideal for smaller applications, rather than holding 3 camera bodies, 5 lenses, a slew of batteries and some CF cards. The plastics manufacturer seems legit, though. Too bad they don't make bigger cases, I'd give them a try.

    I ended up not getting a new case the day I made this thread. I was thinking about getting one to hold 2 lights, an AB-800 and an ABR-800, but then I figured that it's easier to sling the bag I already have for them over the handle of my Pelican 1510. A case would add extra trips to the car/location.

    Speaking of Pelican alternatives, another good one for light stands/tripods/etc. are SKB golf cases.

    I got one in great condition for $75 on craigslist. The previous owner paid full retail of about $300, and his daughter used it to transport, like, trombones and shit when performing out of state. Now it carries about 70 lbs. of stands, light modifiers, clamps and a Vagabond mini.


      I picked up an SKB i-Series case for cheap on eBay a while back. It's a clone of the Peli 1510 (carryon size, wheel, extending handle). My winter project is crafting/adapting backpack straps to it, and side straps for tripod/slider/etc.