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    App Design

    Can anyone point me in the right direction? I've got a good idea and zero knowledge of anything programming based. Before someone says Google I know one of you queers here must have gone through this before. Is it better to learn to DIY or pay someone? Thanks in advance.
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    pay someone to teach you how to develop and design it yourself, or start here:


      if you want to do Android development, learn Java (not Javascript. rookie error right there). the Eclipse IDE is a good bit of software to get started with, and easy to find tutorials for. It's what i work in most of the time.

      for IOS, C++/C# is the language you need to be looking into initially.

      make sure you have a good base knowledge of Object Oriented programming, Classes (and their types), and basic step logic before you start attempting anything too complex, and start small. like very small. "Hello World!" and doing some basic maths operations with a few Classes small. this should help you get to grips with OO and call/return.

      i would also advise not to jump straight into mobile Apps until you've had practice with just coding for PC in the language, the fundamentals are the same but the actual code for Andriod/IOS looks quite different and involves calling lots of libraries all the time. the basic PC code is usually easier to understand and learn.

      DONT: go on the internet and start copy/pasting and altering, it's very easy for beginners to simply start copy/pasting code from the internet without actually understanding just how it works, then running into a brick wall and giving up when they get errors.