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Suggestions for a mic

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    Suggestions for a mic

    The sound from my DSLR is generally pretty bad, lots of wind noise, lots of background noise, and I typically end up having to drown out most skating noise with music whenever I make an edit, Anyone have any suggestions on a decent, and reasonably cheap (around a hundred or less) shotgun mic?

    $99 Rode shotgun mic


      Depends on the camera you have. Almost all DSLR's have very bad/noisy preamps, which means you ideally want a powered/amplified mic, so that you can turn the gain in the body all the way down. The VideoMic Pro is the most popular option for this; I've been using mine for a few years and have been very happy with it. It's compact and sounded great at the +20db setting on my 60D (with the camera gain one click from off). My GH4 has a much better/hotter preamps than the Canon so I have to use the VMP at its 0db setting, and even then it's a smidge loud for very close stuff, but the GH4's built-in limiter does a decent job of keeping it from blowing out.

      The VideoMic Go that Vince posted will work, and will sound a lot better than the internal mics, but it's not powered, so you're going to have to turn the gain in the camera up fairly high, which is going to result in a lot of background hiss. Not a real big deal for skating stuff, but for pretty much anything else it will be a problem (interviews, dialogue, etc). personally I would save a little more money and start checking eBay and Craigslist for used VideoMic Pro's. I've seen them go for not much more than $120 or so.

      Also, no matter what mic you go with, getting the deadcat/furry designed for it will help a lot with wind noise, especially on lines.


        That's our Al.

        on a side note, I had to videotape a 4-hour continuous presentation today with a Sony HDR-CX580V where I had to tap into the conference room's house sound. The camera only has a 3.5mm mini-jack and very basic in-camera audio controls. I turned everything down on my end.

        The A/V guy taking care of the room couldn't get the volume turned down for the cable running from the mixing board to my camera, and I didn't have access to see the damn thing, so the whole presentation was loud as shit with plenty of hiss. Should be a grand time trying to fix it in Premiere


          That sucks, but thanks for the input on the Mic to get. I was leaning towards getting the Rode Video Mic Pro used before posting this but wanted to see what others thought. Thanks again