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A GH4 fisheye comparison- native 7.5mm vs. APS-C 8mm + BMCC Speedbooster

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    A GH4 fisheye comparison- native 7.5mm vs. APS-C 8mm + BMCC Speedbooster

    Not sure if any of you read Skate Perception, but I just posted this over there in a thread discussing this setup, and figured I'd post it here too.

    What I'm comparing is two different Rokinon/"manybrand" fisheyes on my GH4- the 7.5mm version made for m4/3, and the 8mm version made for APS-C DSLR's (Nikon mount in this case), used in conjunction with the Metabones BMCC Speedbooster, which basically turns the GH4's m4/3 sensor into a Nikon-mount APS-H sensor.

    Here's some basic comparison pics, showing 1080p and photo modes:

    And I have an Instagram vid with a few clips, from my first night with the booster/8mm setup:


    End result is pretty rad for filming- really really wide for a DSLR, and with a 1&1/3-stop light boost, which really helps out at night... but it is expensive, and there is a little bit of vignetting, which I expected, but still bums me out a bit. For photo it's useless, as you can see in the pics, but I'm keeping the 7.5mm for photo anyways.

    I hope this is interesting or useful to some of you here!

    I was slightly disappointed with the wideness of the Samyang 7.5mm on my GF1. The optical quality is great though.

    I felt that the Sigma 16mm on a full-frame DSL was wider, but the results I have had with it are good.



      question about the cage mod: how did you change the outsides of the cage so you can flip the screen. thinking about selling it again, not really happy with it.
      can you show some pics of your modification? that would / could help out =)
      buy some PARTY


        I don't have pics of the process, as it was very dirty/dusty and I didn't want to expose my camera or phone to fine metal dust, but I can take some pics now, of the completed mod. I'll try to do that this weekend.

        Basically, all I did was move the side plates in about 12mm on each side. They still fit together the same way, I just trimmed the top & bottom plates and made new recesses- I was initially planning on doing it by hand with a file, but luckily I was able to have my uncle mill it for me when I was at his hotrod shop this summer. I also moved the left side plate (LCD side) forward by 10mm. I re-used the same screws, just tapped new holes for them. If you don't care about making the cage more compact, you could just move the left plate forward- all you'd have to do is drill new holes and tap them (or just use bolts that go all the way through, with nuts).

        Then, when I got home, even though it felt pretty solid, I was still a little worried about having just those little screws holding everything together (I was concerned even before the mod), so I sanded the anodizing off the interfaces and JB Welded the joints. Then I went a little nuts with an angle grinder and file, and removed a lot of material on the grip area, and rounded a lot of edges off- just to make holding it more comfortable, and lighten it a bit. This of course left me with a lot of bare metal, so I ended up wirebrushing/sanding the whole thing down, and I gave it a coat of Plasti-Dip.

        I also just pre-ordered this SmallRig A7s half-cage:

        because the price is nice, it looks like it would fit the GH4 (they are about the same height), and a half-cage is really all I need anyways- I like the grip on the GH4, and I would have just removed the right side of the Honu cage if I thought it'd be strong enough without it. Sooo eventually, I'll be selling off my Honu, or this cage, haha.
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          thanks al!
          that cage looks tempting but not sure if a7 and gh4 are sooo similar from teh shape.
          dude, your mod is way to complicated for me. with my 2 left hands and not the right tools, theres no way i can do that. but thanks anyway!
          i´m thinking about some parts oif this, the aptaris lione looks pretty good to me, not sure about the price tag...

          buy some PARTY


            Hey Al,

            Have you tried one of these?

            Also, have you done much filming in 1080/96? I really wish it was possible to capture audio in that mode


              Originally posted by masterblade View Post
              Hey Al,

              Have you tried one of these? l

              Also, have you done much filming in 1080/96? I really wish it was possible to capture audio in that mode
              That thing is worse than a 50 dollar ebay screw on fisheye "lens".
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