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After the broken Knee edit

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    After the broken Knee edit


    Edit i did recently for That Rolling Brand. Trying to combine a few different angles and slowmo to make it as "nice" as possible. Rather than in the past where i have just done clip after clip with the same angle and so on.

    Also shout out to Danny for this, he's found it hard to get back to rolling so that's why the edit has no major rails yet as his jump isn't up to scratch, hopefully we will be able to film some better stuff over the next few months and summer in the UK.

    Vinny's with throne plates - been planning to do that for a while.

    Props on your edit and to his continuing recovery.


      they are heavily modified widebodies, cut down to cover the stock souls and make use of the b/s


        How long did it take you to get back feeling comfortable with no knee pain while skating? I broke my knee about 6 months ago and have been trying to roll around and it still hurts.

        I really like your Vinny Salo setup.