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What's your daily carry (camera) if any?

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    What's your daily carry (camera) if any?

    I just got the Canon S110 I ordered myself for my birthday. It seems really cool just waiting for the battery to charge up. I think it will be nice and I can bridge that gap of not having to carry the DSLR everywhere on the off chance I might see something to snap.

    Perfect pocket size, tons of little features that might be fun to mess around with.

    What do you guys have and why?

    Pentax 645D.

    Just kidding. A titanium M9.

    iPhone 4s. I never use the flash, never use it indoors if not near a large window.


      Olympus MJU2 + Fuji Superia 200 or 400

      Not daily, but I carry it quite often.

      Once I get rich this will change to Contax T2 or T3 + Kodak Ektar / Fuji Superia 1600. Or maybe Portra 800? Haven't tried it yet.
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      Awesome thread


        When I was traveling more I kept a little canon Powershot on hand. For a daily carry though, I just use my phone. Not worth carrying another chunk of technology around if I don't have to and if I know I'm going to take pictures, I grab my DSLR.


          Sony nex-5n.

          I've cheated a few times with my galaxy s3 though


            Wow these pics are absolutely amazing.
            Movie 786