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anyone build websites?

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    anyone build websites?

    kind of need a site built. how does one go about this?
    i have a domain that just got re-upped.
    also would like an online store/somewhere to take orders.

    about how much we talking here? what happens?

    Take 2 days to learn how Wordpress works, spend €35,- on a theme and you're good to go.


      looking into it. thanks.

      i have been buying a lot of things lately though and have been running around "taking two days" before i commit and its just become a hassle. i now understand why the US has such a huge service economy.
      id still like to see what kind of price we're talking about to get one built. time is money and all that. id rather just not deal with the hassle.
      someone i can just send jpgs to and tell them what kind of site im looking for?
      itd be pretty basic though so maybe just doing it with this wordpress deal would be best.


        I used to build sites for anything between € 600 and € 3000, depending on who I was selling it to and what kind of functionality the site was supposed to have.

        It's way better to learn to do it yourself, though. Here's my usual process:

        - Arrange hosting and domain name. The hosting has to offer at least one database (which you need to run Wordpress). It also really helps if the hosting's admin panel has some kind of automatic installation for a CMS like Wordpress, saves a ton of time and hassle. Don't pay a dime over $5,- a month for it, though. There are quite a few schemes out there.

        - Pick a theme on this site: Filter search results on that site by sales, since it is a good indication of how good the theme is. And when I say good I mean what kind of options and flexibility it offers in the admin panels.

        - Install the theme, configure its design to your liking and start creating pages/blog articles/portfolio items.

        It'll take you a week or so to get the hang of it, but once you get a grasp on how to build a nice looking layout you can get some really awesome results with basically 0 knowledge of webdesign.


          with my current schedule a week of computer time is kind of out of the question. although so is 500 bucks.
          what do you mean dont pay over 5 a month? im assuming thats different than the 60 dollars for the themes?
          i have no idea how much the domain cost me. id have to ask the other person involved in this.
          i do have a domain though, we just payed for another year or some shit. i would have to get more into the domain and admin settings i guess before i start all this wordpress stuff. seems like amateur code writing? i dont know shit about code.

          the domain is different from the host then? like when i visit a site and its "down" is that the host? is host synonymous with server? and thats the thing that only has a certain amount of space for uploaded content?


            The domain is the internet address. Hosting is the online server space on which your site's files are stored.

            With a proper theme and hosting admin package, you won't need to know any code at all.

            What kind of site are you looking to have? Just a few static pages?


              thats what i mean, like, i dont even know.
              i guess all im really looking for is an 'about' page, a one page 'store front' where people can see product and place orders, a 'contact' page/footer. thats it really.
              someone else told me about WYSIWYG. so im reading up on that.
              i might just say fuck it soon.

              also, how would i go about finding servers?
              im just googling really


                so is wordpress the easiest to use?
                i don't like code. had a zencart page that i now can't log into.

                was looking at google sites, but i don't think i can use my domain throughout??
                only on the main page. after you click on a 2nd page it reverts to that google.sites....,,.....?
                maybe I'm wrong.

                would be good to just drag and drop everything.


                  Good Wordpress themes operate with something called shortcodes. They are snippets of code, that can be inserted into pages with one click on a button, and each snippet can represent anything from a division of columns (like telling content to stay on the left half/third/fourth of the site), an image slider, a tab selector or any number of other items (depending on the theme). Here's an example:

         go the Shortcodes menu option and take a peek at what you can insert. No coding required, just clicking a button and filling in your own text or images.

                  So shortcodes allow you to build a layout with just a few clicks, without having to know code. It's drag and drop, but better, because you have more control over the look and content of the individual blocks.


                    Yes, I have built many websites in past. I could say that I love in designing websites as it is my profession. If anyone want to know anything could post here.


                      let know any people about build in easiest. would be nice.


                        this is the easiest website builder I have ever seen



                          that actually looks like something i could do. thank you sir. looking into it.


                            glad i could help


                              Wordpress is the great way for creating and designing a website. I am using it and truly able to make a magnificent site. And of course if one don't want to use it then there are many other options to explore.


                                how would i go about logging into my domain? in order to start building with wordpress?
                                i dont understand any of this.
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                                  It depends. Where is your domain hosted? Did they provide you with login data?

                                  Many hosting providers offer a DirectAdmin module, within which installing Wordpress is a matter of a few mouse clicks. If they don't have such a module, you'll need to login to your hosting through FTP. I can help you with either.
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                                    I made a wordpress site shit got hacked.

                                    unsure if its server or was acessed through wordpress.
                                    put a fair bit of time into it probably & can't get it back??


                                      IP Address ~ Whois - Trace Route - RBL Check
                                      Domain Name Servers
                                      Mail Exchange
                                      Site Response Header
                                      Response HTTP/1.0 200 Ok
                                      Server ezot/3
                                      Date Tue, 12-Apr-2011 18:34:26 GMT
                                      Cookie ezstida=180967955;path=/;expires=Fri, 9-Apr-2021 18:34:26 GMT;domain=; HttpOnly
                                      i deleted my domain and IP i think. dont want this to show up on google.

                                      thats the info i pulled off google.
                             owns it i suppose.
                                      the person that pays for the domain reupped it. 10.50/month.
                                      weebly wants 20/month for site building. which is the same as paying for a wordpress theme?
                                      ive been fuckin around with weebly. i built the site basically just need to pay for the upgrade to link to my domain?

                                      i was under the impression i could just log into my domain someway and then start installing themes and shit.
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                                        weebly wants 50 a month actually. cheapest they go.


                                          i pretty much have to pay 50/month for a theme?

                                          i want to just put a theme design on my site that i configured and pay once for it. is that not how it works?


                                            Originally posted by Shadows View Post
                                            i pretty much have to pay 50/month for a theme?

                                            i want to just put a theme design on my site that i configured and pay once for it. is that not how it works?
                                            Usually, yes. A girl I work with made a wordpress site, bought a $30 theme, configured it a little bit, and that's it. Only if she wants much more control and options from the theme will she have to pay more for an upgrade, but it's not an ongoing this. I can't say that all themes are like that, though.

                                            She used the Crisp theme.


                                              thats what i was hoping.

                                              i dont understand what to do with all the parts i have.
                                              domain, wordpress program, and theme. how do i put all that together?

                                              im not gonna ask any more questions on here i guess. everyones helped out enough. ill just start clicking and shit.


                                                Originally posted by pottsy5 View Post
                                                I made a wordpress site shit got hacked.

                                                unsure if its server or was acessed through wordpress.
                                                put a fair bit of time into it probably & can't get it back??
                                                You could try accessing the site through FTP to see if any of your files are still there.

                                                'Hacking' nowadays is just a word describing various ways of acquiring passwords. It was probably done through Wordpress.


                                                  Originally posted by Shadows View Post
                                                  weebly wants 50 a month actually. cheapest they go.
                                                  That is straight up ridiculous. I pay € 60,- a year for my hosting. I'm about to upgrade to a dedicated server with 1TB of storage, and THAT costs me € 50,- a month. What is Weebly offering for that $ 50,-?

                                                  If you just want a small business or portfolio site, do not pay more than $ 10,- a month. Hell I can host it for you if you want. For free. I have plenty of space for another small Wordpress site. I host Sharky's site as well.

                                                  Wordpress themes are usually one time purchases. The best site to look for them, in my opinion, is They have a huge library with many high quality themes.

                                                  I invested $ 45,- in a theme 2 years ago and it was the best purchase I've ever made. Instant professional site.

                                                  If you look on Themeforest, filter the search for number of sales. It's a good way to gauge quality, since the site is used mostly by developers who know what they are doing. If a theme is a hot seller, it is usually a good theme.