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New Blackmagic cameras

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    New Blackmagic cameras

    did you guys see this?

    4k, global shutter, Super 35 for 4000$. that's not bad.

    yeah the shitty thing is there are still some people that preordered and still havent got the the first camera they made, or are just now getting it. As a company they just didnt start off on the right foot. but this does seem like a good ass deal. that new pocket cinema camera though still hasn't got me sold but I guess its just because its a mft mount.


      haha, sure. i won't buy a new camera until my GH1 dies. i need lenses, a flash, some sort of steadycam and a better tripod.

      and i have no money too.

      i don't really dig the pocket cinema camera, but the 4k BCC is very good for those who can afford it i think.
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