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    New website

    New website is up and running

    let me know what you think

    From a layout standpoint, it's incredibly boring and unappealing. Sorry to be so blunt, but people in creative fields cannot afford to showcase their work in a boring and unappealing light.

    You have a typo on the home page (Im Tony) & everything is jammed to the top of the mostly empty page.

    The meat and potatoes of any real content has to be dug for. Post something for people to look at on the very first page, or you will lose their interest very fast.

    Your About page makes you seem really young and inexperienced. Here's a starting point for re-writing your About page:

    And for the love of God, don't mention high school and college work, even if all you have to show is high school and college work. All that will get you are potential clients who will want to pay you like crap because you're young. Call them Personal Projects if you must call them something. And just a heads up, never use the words "mock-up", "unofficial", "proof" or "draft" in regards to your work. NEVER. See how bad it looks?

    If you're going to list your equipment, list your equipment in greater detail. Not all clients care to know what an f-stop is, but others will want to know if you have the right equipment to shoot a low light scene and will pass on you if they think you are only using a kit lens or something.


      Also, the first picture on the site shows you using a stabilizer incorrectly


        - Don't use a Gmail address. Hella unprofessional.

        - Don't use Tumblr.

        - Oh science no please do not use Tumblr.

        - Also do not use a Gmail address.

        - Your photography portfolio items link to all kinds of weird shit; to itself in a new tab, to Google, to nothing..... But not to the actual portfolio item.

        - The site is bare bones, with a minimum of information about you or your work. This is not good.

        - NO TUMBLR OR OTHER SHITTY SEMI-WEBSITE PLATFORMS. Having a proper website is one of the most important aspects of modern business. Do it right.


          Originally posted by al dolega View Post
          Also, the first picture on the site shows you using a stabilizer incorrectly
          This. Watch a how-to video or something for your stabalizer, your footage will thank you.

          From a website standpoint your main page is good. You can tell it's a template thing, but I've seen a lot worse. Your about me needs to change or go. Equipment needs to be specific or not on the page. Just bring that up when talking to the client.

          Oh, and your black people are quite orange.


            Ah, it looks a lot better now.


              I went in there and fixed it up a little bit more thank you guys for the advice and critiquing


                One of my recent short documentaries ”Life ABOVE the Frame” won best of quarter, at the Art Institute of Charleston, and was also excepted into the charleston film festival.
                Awesome thread


                  Originally posted by s. View Post
                  thanks man