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    top let me know what you think


      Sorry about the wall of text, just trying to give ya some tips.

      Your quality (video and audio) are great, but there's some work to be done with what you shoot and the editing. I watched about 45 seconds and then started skipping through. Anywho, if you wanted notes, here they are. If you didn't, well, take this with a grain of salt.

      The beginning was a bit funky, the single shot of you catching focus. It could work, but then you cut straight to the interview. If you opened with a short b-roll package that sets the scene (wide shots of the farm, chickens, him working with the chickens) that would flow a bit better into the interview. Or use that shot, and then cut to b-roll when he starts talking.

      I also think there's too much interview and not enough b-roll. What I've come to learn, is that once you see your interviewee, establish him in the interview chair, only cut back when it's important to see him talking or he's doing something entertaining. Anytime he's describing something, you should be showing it with b-roll. But your two-camera interview setup is definitely a good way to keep the interview visually entertaining.

      A lot of your b-roll is great. You got some fun angles, like the shot near the end where the camera is on the ground surrounded by chickens. Downside is it felt like you were using a cheap tripod, because I could see a lot of shaking during pans. If that's the case, your best bet is to shoot static shots and then slow panning shots that you can use the middle of. Or use a rubber band on your panhandle.

      Either way, keep it up. I hope you're marketing yourself, because there are a lot of small businesses now who want video like this and don't have the equipment or skills to make it happen.


        thank you for the feed back I definitely see where you are coming from on your points and yeah there is a lot of a talking head I guess next time I just need to get more b-roll also my tripod isn't terrible it take a second of panning before it gets smooth and in the little space of that chicken coop it was hard to get a good solid pan.
        here is the tripos I use. Again I appreciate the feedback/ tips


          also here is a commercial I did for a local craft beer store... Audio isnt the greatest tho