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Attn: Wedding photographers

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    Attn: Wedding photographers

    Do you ever use Graphistudio for album design & production?

    I figured out how to create album spreads in Photoshop using the masks, frames and backgrounds from Graphi's program resources. It's kind of a pain in the ass, but now I can create an album that looks like it was made in Graphi and print it through Apple, or whoever I want, I suppose

    Sure, a lot of the benefits are not available when not using Graphi (album covers materials, etc.), but I think it's neat that I figured out how to do it. I snagged all of the Adobe Fireworks .png files and create clipping masks with them in Photoshop.

    By paying attention to the layers and grouping accordingly, you can scale the photos and move them independently from the masks/frames. It doesn't work for all of the masks/frames, rasterization of objects and images is necessary and selecting portions of some of the masks/frames and deleting them is necessary, as well.

    I wonder how/if it'll work with InDesign...