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Need feedback on music video

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    Need feedback on music video

    i need feedback on this video for a audience research assignment, I shot and edited this, nothing special.
    Could you put your age, gender and where you live (country) as well

    Oh and 720p for the best viewing experience

    23 - Male - Los Angeles, USA.

    Ummm, what kind of feedback are you looking for? Because you posted it in the "filming, editing and designing" forum I assume you are looking for filming/editing/production feedback. But as you say it's for an audience research assignment, it feels like you're asking for deeper thoughts.

    Deeper Thoughts Weird man, but i kinda liked it. Some of the shots just took the words and slammed them into your face, but the style of slow basic shots of people (and girlfriends) hanging out in the park were nice. The overlays of whatever textures, ridgelines, etc. really brought back the fast paced song and kept me interested for some odd reason. I could've very easily gotten bored of those shots but the overlays kept me into it... I've heard Ty Segall before, not that song, but his style. I think the music video kinda fits it. So... well done?

    Less Deep Thoughts
    It was all over the place, and seemed only slightly thought out. There's a girlfriend and a blue car. And a bunch of flashing shit. And a very poorly recorded rock song. Like I said, the video fit the song, but it's not my style.


      Thanks for giving feedback I really appcairtate it