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digi slr or no ?

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    digi slr or no ?

    Im startin to roll more often and wanna film a little. Years ago I had a sony vx2100 and made a local video so Im not a complete nub but for the past say 5 years I havnt paid attention to any media related stuff at all rly. It seems everyone is using digital slrs these days but I suspect it would be overkill for my purposes. This is the last edit I made back in 08.

    The 2100 could shoot very very nice footage in the right hands but I was never that crash hot and spent half the time fiddling with settings to get it to look nice. On auto it was pretty average. I would like something I can chuck on auto and have a friend use to film lines and it look decent, but with some adjustability for me to play with.
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    I think a little camcorder would be best for what you want, get a canon hv30/40 of a hf whatever and a handle.


      If your not going to use it much, a dslr may be too expensive for the your use. A small hd camcorder should do the trick.

      I was filming with a GL2 for almost 2 years and I just switched to a dslr because I got an amazing deal on it. Bought an handle for it and it's super great. Easy to use for my friends who are total retards filming-wise and the video looks awesome.


        If your interested in video equipment let me know I have tons of HD and non HD cameras/camcorders and accessories.