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affordable camcorder to supplement DSLR

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    affordable camcorder to supplement DSLR

    Right now I'm filming with a 550D (t2i) and although the DSLR has a lot of advantages while filming I still miss the feeling and easy way to shoot video with a regular camcorder. So I'm looking for an affordable camcorder to compliment whatever shots would be more handy filming with a good ol' fashion videocamera. Therefore, Be-mag, I need your help!

    I'd like to find a camcorder that;
    1. is recording in HD (only has to be 720p as it's only for online vids)
    2. is tapeless, preferably on SD-cards
    3. is recording (preferably) in the same file-format as the canon DSLR's (doesn't even know if it's possible but would be pretty sweet.)
    4. doesn't have too much difference in colors to the Canon DSLR's
    5. (Preferably) is a Canon
    6. costs below 1000 dollars

    So, BE-MAG; Can you help me settle on which one to get?

    #2 BOOM!


      I'm in the same boat right now, except I've already had a Panasonic SDT-750 (basically the same thing as the TM-700 or TM-900) for about a year. It's a great little cam, it does 1080/60p which is pretty amazing, but the color, saturation, and most importantly the resolution are just different enough from my 60D that it's a pain to get them to look similar. I'm hoping to get $550-600 for it on eBay or Craigslist.

      I've been eyeing up the Canon HF-G10 to replace the Panasonic, and I think that's what I'm gonna go for, unless something massively better in my price range is announced at CES this week. The G10 sells for about $1200 new right now, and around $1000 used. If Canon announces a replacement model at CES, I'm hoping that it drives the price of used G10's down a bit, to like $800.

      Other than that, I would check out the Canon HF-S30 and the HF-M41, those are both in your price range.


        Thanks for the response al! I had already been looking at the Canon HF-G10 but it's a bit too expensive at the moment unfortunately. I'll be looking in to the other ones you're mentioning.
        What's your take on mixing the footage from a regular camcorder and the DSLR's? Do you think it'll be possible to match the looks so it's not noticeable?


          It's completely possible so long as the adjustments on the cameras give you enough leeway to get them to a similar point, and you're patient enough to do so, and to finish the job with CC/grading afterwards. The resolving power and codec of each cam need to be similar too though. That's my main problem with the Panasonic- its resolution is just way higher than the 60D. If I were only shooting video I would just keep the Panasonic and replace the 60D and my electronic lenses with a GH2 and some manual Nikon primes. This would be cheaper and the GH2 puts out a higher resolution like the SDT-750. But the GH2 blows for photos so I'm stuck finding a camcorder that will match the 60D.