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Just finished my latest project...

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    Just finished my latest project...

    Just finished this today...pretty happy with it. Check it out plz n thnx.


    This is a music video for the song "A Cold Freezin' Night" from The Books' newest album entitled "The Way Out". I've been a big fan of The Books for a while especially due to the fact that they use found audio as an integral part of all of their songs. This song specifically grabbed my attention. They seemed like they had pulled from all kinds of family videos and I immediately could imagine a video to go along with it. All of the footage used either comes from the Prelinger Archive found on or from my own family's home movie archive. I used various components in Adobe After Effects for the coloring and some visual effects (lazers, explosions, keying, etc) as well. All editing was done on a pc using Adobe Premiere, After Effects, and Photoshop. This video is obviously left to your interpretation but I feel like it fits the songs themes quite well. Enjoy and thanks for watching!