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Legit Cusomtizable Wordpress Themes?

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    Legit Cusomtizable Wordpress Themes?

    Post them, so I can rip them off.

    I use Striking, and with a few additional plugins it works great. I love it.


      Amazing. I wouldn't know where to start with that though Quarkles. So many headings and boarders and columns... and €40 is dizzying...

      I did this for a mate:

      And I appreciate this aesthetic:

      Pop-up websites? Is that a thing?


        The first one is alright for a blog, if that's what you're going for. Navigation is a bit cumbersome and it's hard to find anything relevant to you, but it works.

        The second one is just plain bad. It looks terrible, the layout is completely broken, and looks like something out of the 90's. Which is cool if that's what you're going for.

        In my opinion blogs need proper categories, a solid and consistent tag structure and an easy, one-click way to organise posts by relevance. I don't see either on these 2.

        What is this site going to be for? That's my first question. If it's going to be a blog type thing, all you have to do is browse the Wordpress library till you find something that strikes your fancy. If it's a business or portfolio site, I can provide some more examples that I like.

        I could provide you with the files for Striking so you can try and set something up. You can always decide to buy (or not) if you like it. The dude that made it is just one guy, and he doesn't track down misuse of his theme as far as I know.

        It's a great theme with an incredible array of options, I'm still finding new features every other day. I run 9 blogs with different permission levels and a main site on it, and it's all super easy to manage.


          There are so many good ones with different variations its hard to recommend one without knowing what exactly its going to be used for and if you want different aspects like a portfolio and such added to it. I use a template from that I changed around a bit to my needs., just good search free wordpress themes and you'll come up with tons of options. If you're down to throw like $30-40 bucks at it you can get some pretty awesome themes, its crazy how far wordpress themes have come. for example, i've been toying with the idea of changing to this one and just gettin rid of my separate portfolio site,

          Here's some links to some sites I;ve bookmarked with some sweet themes for photogs


            Ah, amazing post Quark.

            I honestly think that 90's, Geocities style was what they were going for on that second blog. There is something kind of cool about that look, especially in comparison to a highly polished image and graphic heavy set up. But like you said, navigation is a fucking nightmare and there's absolutely no depth to it. What you see is what you get. It's a retro thing i guess?

            Without boring everyone, I'll explain what I'm doing. I'm trying to make an online shop for 's new 'Print Room' venture. A place to sell art, prints and framed images of interest. The 'client', my firm, wants something image heavy, stylish and edgy. Nothing generic or easily replicable. I really don't want to settle for a lame CMS ting, but idk... Something in the same vein as but younger and much cooler.

            There's no deadline or pressure, i'm just exploring idea's, hence this thread.

            Striking looks amazing, I may PM you for the deets. 9 different blogs is ridiculous..