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Video editing options

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    Video editing options

    Hi. Sorry to start 2 threads in 2 days.

    I just acquired an HD Camcorder (Samsung VP-HMX10). It's nothing special, but I'd like to use it for some skating/gig/general filming and edit it together to music etc.

    I have tried iMovie and I find that every edit I make earlier in the timeline nudges everything forwards or backwards - so any cuts that are with the beat of the song or moved out of sync. This frustrates me more than anything.

    I assume Final Cut doesn't do this? If I put a clip somewhere, I want it to stay there.

    Am I right about this? What program do people here use? What should I get started with?


    I like Premiere CS5, but it's all I've ever used.


      You can have the song attached to a clip later in the timeline, but yeah iMovie pretty much sucks for keeping things in place unless you're diligent about counting how many tenths of a second you change one clip and do an equal and opposite change to the next clip. Kinda tedious.

      I should have switched to a more advanced program long ago.


        Final Cut Pro is the way to go. 7, mind you , not 10.

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          Originally posted by RemiX_UH44 View Post
          Final Cut Pro is the way to go. 7, mind you , not 10.


            I prefer Abobe premiere pro cs5 and haven't tried FCP but it seems good also.


              if you're looking for a free version i would give Lightworks a chance.

              windows based

              pretty fresh

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                very steady.


                  final cut 7 wont give you that issue.

                  final cut x is set up very similarly to imovie but its very good. i've used both and i like them both equally. You just need to take the time to learn how to use it.