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Rollerblading Photography Project (Kickstarter Campaign)

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    Rollerblading Photography Project (Kickstarter Campaign)

    Some of you may remember Michelle Swoveland (now Gerrard) from some older Denial videos and a few Woodward videos. She's a veteran rollerblader and she and her husband are professional photographers (on top of being a stable part of the Detroit skating scene). She has been working on a fine art (read: gallery quality) photography project that documents and represents skating. She's trying to put on a gallery show during Bittercold weekend and a whole host of other things to get these pictures seen. Support if you want, and if you donate $150 you can get a book of the gallery photos.

    It's worth noting that this a professional project. She is a seasoned wedding photographer (I implore you to check out her site!) and uses only the best photos with just the right composition and lighting. Upon reading the restrictions she's given herself you'll see how time consuming this task is. She's trying to get high quality prints made so that rollerblading photography can be shown in a professional and respectable manner, which is in short supply these days. If you donate, your money will be used wisely! She is paying for over half the project out of her pocket, so you can believe she wouldn't waste thousands of dollars on an amateur project.

    Thanks guys!
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