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Video light for fisheye night filming... any advice?

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    Video light for fisheye night filming... any advice?

    Looking for: bright, cheap, rechargeable, easy.

    I looked up some that you can mount in the little shoe thing on top of my camera. Any other suggestions without buying a generator? Maybe some kind of freestanding floodlight? Here are some of the LED camera mounted lights I checked out. I imagine these are kinda crappy, but I'm not really too picky.

    Bescor LED-70 Dimmable 70W Video and DSLR Light - Bundle - with Bescor SA-1 Universal Swivel Shoe Mount Adaptor, with Sony AIS Shoe Mount Included BOLED70D

    Sima SL-20LX Universal LED On Camera Light

    VipPro LED-12 Deluxe LED Video Light Kit

    Topped em all.


      I'd definitely go for one of those hot-shoe-mount, battery-powered LED lights. There's a ton of different ones out there, some suck, some are good, to be honest I don't really know which are which, other than I've read/heard good things about the Z96 model.


        Yeah I was kinda thinking about something like that but wasn't finding anything good. I don't know if I'll even end up getting anything, but I just want 'better' and not necessarily 'great'.

        Btw, link?


          Originally posted by Monday
          I googled regular halogen spotlights you can get at every hardware store. But et's wait what Al thinks of the idea, lol... My main point is that it's nearly impossible to achieve a good result with with the tiny hot shoe lamps.
          What I like about the camera mounted idea is that it just points where the camera points, and I'd be using it for fisheye anyway. I've seen night footage in major videos for years where they just have a crappy light to see night footage better, so I'm not expecting anything incredible.

          What I like about the halogen lamp is I could film long lens with it too, but it's bigger, hotter, and there would probably be shadow issues with fisheye.

          I think the hotshoe option is going to win if I do get a light. Depending on the spot I can always use my car's headlights too


            Anyone else have any... bright ideas :