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Which photo editing software to pirate?

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    Which photo editing software to pirate?

    So after I searched and went through the post your work section a bit, I still need advice on which photo software I should torrent before I head to bed.(China, 12 hours difference)
    Every spot here is real unique so I'm gonna forgo the clips(which don't really happen) and try to snap some photos with someone else. What software do you suggest I come home and use to fuck with them?

    EDIT: Fuck it I just went with photo shop, sorry for wasting your time.
    So to make it party worth your time wasted, Heres a pic of me shot on a T3I w/sygma Fisheyr by Derek Stanton
    disaster cross rocket fish
    the great thing about the pic is you can't tell I'm 6"6
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    Photoshop is great for intensive editing, but I use Adobe Lightroom 3 for the first round of sorting photos and editing, then follow up in Photoshop for the stuff you can't do in Lightroom.

    Lightroom provides photographers with a rich set of tools for every day photographic tasks like importing images to the computer, organizing and sorting them, making edits and adjustments, and finally outputting them for a wide variety of mediums.

    And all of this is done in one single program! Lightroom’s beautiful and user-friendly interface, easy of use, powerful database management features and non-destructive editing capabilities make it the preferred choice for many photographers all around the world. Plus, the close relation and integration with Photoshop – the most popular professional image editor on the planet.


      I have used the photoshop and that is a very great and professional looking for editing....In my opinion Adobe Photoshop is the best....!


        Nice photo with your T3i, I noticed that the shirt is a lil blurry and I'm not sure if that has to do with the T3i's shutter speed? I'm looking to get a T3i or something along that range but not really sure if i should go with a camera with a higher shutter speed like the 60d... In your personal inexperience how do your skating pics come out with your T3i? Thanks.


          old ass post, but the shirt is blurry from brightening it up in photoshop... Just came out a bit weird...