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ok im making an i7 rig for 3d rendering so...

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    ok im making an i7 rig for 3d rendering so...

    ok im making an i7 rig for 3d rendering(c4d, 3ds max 2010, ect.) so can anyone tell me any con's to the i7 950 cpu?

    little to none. The i-series are great, i have an i5 in my laptop. The only real downfall to the i7's that i've heard is that the heatsink on them is a touch sub-par.


      i7's do not have intergrated graphics. You will need to have a deticated GPU, but since you are making a rig for 3D shit, I assume you will be buying a deticated GPU, or both (just make sure the PSU is big enough and SLI ready).

      Your rig will also be running hotter, so buy a good heat sink (NEVER use the heat sink Intel or AMD supply you, they are OK, but not great). Zalman and cooler master is what I perfer.
      And don't skim on the thermal paste. I suggest artic silver. If you buy a heat sink with thermal paste on it already, take it off, clean it, and apply your own.