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bells and whistles

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    bells and whistles

    skate videos have become big-time, in a way.
    steadicams, expensive cameras/lenses/lights/etc, extensive post-pro.

    the last is what i'm trying to address.

    we've reached a point where any kid with a few hundred bucks can put his favorite ledge on the moon, and have his buddies shoot kamikaze unicorns out of their eyes while doing stiff-legged makios. in hd.

    how excited do you get about really flashy post work in a video?

    can it make up some of the ground lost by mediocre skating? (hopefully not)

    can it make up for mediocre/unimaginative shooting?

    how big a part does good music/pacing play?

    ...basically what i'm asking is:
    as a viewer, what makes a good video? what do you most enjoy watching? what gets you most ready to go rip shit?

    let skating do the talking.

    you never go wrong with nice titles and good editing and grading, but the best postproduction is the one you dont notice.

    Don't do something just cause you can (i failed a lot on that one )

    oh and it works or fails with the music
    be-magers are cruel but funny

    bazodazo rules his toothbrush


      i tend to agree with you.
      simple, but well-executed.
      its like 36ch wu-tang vs. kanye...gotta have real skill to shine on a 4-track.